To Trail or not to Trail? (that is the question)

My esposo phoned me and asked if I’m interested in doing Trail Run. I’ve been running for quite a while but haven’t tried it on trail. I was so envious of him when he ran at the North Face just a few months ago. I remember how I told him that I could do it and it would be a cinch for me. Well, I guess now is my chance. But am I ready? Still haven’t decided yet. Check out the poster. 😉

North Face

If you’re up to the challenge, you can register at The North Face Stores and at R. O. X.

See you there. 😉

"A" is for Apple, "B" is for Ball, "C" is for CANCER?!

One month has past when we got a call from my in-laws in Baguio City. Apparently, my mother-in-law who I call “nanay dolet” has been diagnosed of having a lump in her left breast. She was schedule to take a mammogram and a biopsy which was schedule for a day later.

My esposo and I always make it a point to phone his family once in a while to know how they are doing. I always call her or at least text her once or twice daily to ask her how’s her day or a forwarded inspirational message will do. but on the day of the test, of course i asked her how did everything go, but results will be release a week after. All we had to do is wait and pray that everything will be alright.

nanayNanay Dolet and Tatay Robert (during our vacation in Boracay 2008)

After a week, the result has been given and she said that the lump was benign and we need not to worry. Being a Born Again Christian, we lift up the sickness of her to God through prayer and ask that everything will fall in its perfect and rightful place. Since the test was negative for the big “C”, the doctor just advised that the lump will be excise, and it will be scheduled as soon as possible.

Since everything was fine (or that’s what we thought?) and that it would be a simple operation that Nanay Dolet be going into, I forgot to ask for God’s guidance on this. I became complacent (i admit it). I didn’t even knew that she’ll be having her operation today. We didn’t even knew that until we got a text from my sister in law that the operation was over, and everything was “FINE”.

It was a sigh of relief to know that, and that Nanay Dolet was sleeping and was in the recovery room. We didn’t get to talk to her yet, but we were happy.

nanay1Tatay and Nanay (HK vacation 2007)


This evening that i got a call from my husband that Nanay Dolet was “POSITIVE” for the big “C”. WWWWHhhhhhhhaaaaaaaattttt??!!! My soul shout and cried. How could it happen? Mm i dreaming? If yes, please punch me, punch me real hard.

I thought it was just a lump? I thought everything was fine? I thought the operation was successful? How could it happen? Did she hid it from us?!

I was tearful and speechless while my husband talks on the other line, Nanay Dolet is my Nanay, she loves me unconditionally, I’ am her daughter she never had. Why does problem hits you on the face when you are not ready? WHY? WHY? Only God knows.

As of this writing I’m still in shock, I don’t know what to do, I could pray, ask God for guidance, ask Him to stay with us, as the Dizon Guieb Family go through this phase, we would be strong, we would overcome this, and folks just wait for my post of the conclusion of our triumphant journey trough life.

Tomorrow morning my family will be travelling for Baguio to be with Nanay Dolet, as of now, that’s the least we can do. 🙂

Power! Race of New Balance


This would be my very first post about my running galore. I’ve been running and joining races for about five months now, I’m not that athletic type, but my husband is. He was the one who encourage me to join, he said it would be good for my health. So you know I have hyperthyroidism, my heart palpitates and experiences heavy breathing. To normalize this I had to take my medication daily.

My first race was the Mizuno Infinity Run, since then we’ve been joining race and is a member of the happy running group called Happy Feet.

Esposo says that I’m not that serious when it comes to running, but he’s mistaken. Coz’ if not, i wouldn’t be having  jitters everytime a race start.

November 15: My esposo together with my two kids went on a trip to Clark, Pampanga to attend the NB Power Race. I haven’t had my practice run for a while, the last one was last Wednesday and I felt exhausted on the first 2K. What I did was cross trained at home by doing exercise for the thighs and legs, hope it would do good for me.

We checked-in at Holiday Inn and later went to the Parade Grounds to get the RFID timing chip of my esposo for his 25. We get to watch the 5K and 2K runners. That night, we run one lap around the parade ground as a practice run for both of us. We get to sleep around 10:30PM and had a wake up call at 4:00AM, i get to wake up first though (honestly, i was too excited, that is).

It was almost 5:45AM when the gun fired for the 25K runners and 6:00AM for the 10K runners. The weather was quite cold and clouds are covering the sky so it was a good day for a run. I seldom do warm ups, my body tends to get exhausted quickly while running when i do warm ups. Running from the hotel to the starting line made my knees weak. I really had a hard time pushing myself running in the uphill. So I said to myself that I won’t be able to beat my time record for KOTR, the heck, I just have to finish this race.

When i was approaching the 9KM mark, I met Juliet, we agreed to ran together until we reach the finish line, and we did. 🙂 (Thanks to her, if not I won’t be oblige to run the last kilometer, and chatting with her made the running lighter).

It has been my pleasure meeting Wayne aka “Sfrunner“, he is such a humble guy, hope to see him again next year. One thing that I regret is not having a photo with him. And I even get to say hi to Mr. Narcise “BaldRunner“, one of the few that I highly regard in the (blogging)running community.

I commend the organizers of this race, water bottles were being handed to runners every 2.5 kilometers. There were lots of freebies and I even get to have my very first finisher medal (hooray!) And this one I love, i had four different pose and voila! I had my picture courtesy of, check it out.

Party Pic Live

As soon as I was finished with the race, I dash to the hotel to fetch my two kids and to get the camera so that I can take a photo of my esposo doing his 25K. He said the race was tough, I would soon be posting his blow by blow account on his running experience on the NB Power Race.

BTW, this is how he looked when the race was over;


And this;


So for now, I will just be waiting for the result. Fingers crossed. 😉