Esposo's Dilemma

Lately my esposo has been facing his own dilemma (a situation requiring a choice between alternatives). He really wants to buy his own training watch but knowing him, he would have a lot of options to choose from, and then he would research on it and decides later on what to buy.

Here are his choices:

1. Polar RS300X


2. RS300X G1


3. Garmin 310XT

garmin 310xt
He just joined his first duathlon in Nuvali just a couple of weeks ago and would have finish with a better time if his bike cooperated with him. And he will be trying his first triathlon this coming June in Clark. And he also had finish his first marathon in the Botak Paa-Tibayan. So for these three “FIRST” that he had accomplished I think he really deserve the treat of training watch.

One thing I’m proud to say is that my esposo dragged me to this sport (or may I say any sports that he would like to, I think he’s planning to buy me a bike soon 🙂 ) I have found running good for me and I’m enjoying it.

But still I told him that it would be his own decision on what to buy. Since, he has been putting huge effort with his running and biking, I think he deserves to treat himself once in a while. If you have any insights and suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Esposo's Dilemma

  1. runnerforchrist says:

    I can’t relate Let, for I’m only using a lowly Timex Heart Rate Monitor hehe..however, I think Garmin is the best alternative. See you in Clark and see you biking soon.

    God bless.

    • Let says:

      i told him to get the Timex heart rate monitor, since tested naman nya yung Timex coz’ he’s been using one for about 3 years na. kaso mukhang decided na.

      yes bro. ronnie, kita tayo sa Clark and hope to have a photo-op with an ultrarunner such as you. God bless.

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