Races! Races! Races!

There are so many scheduled race for the last quarter of the year. As excited as any runners out there, here are the race we’re already registered in.


New Balance Power Run – Raising Hope

September 27, 2009, The Fort

For more details visit New Balance Site

Milo National Finals

October 11, 2009, Luneta Grandstand

QC International Marathon

October 18, 2009, QC Circle

For more details visit the Runnex Site

I will also be joining the Adidas King of the Road, registration for this race will start o September 21. How about you? What races will you be joining? See you at the finish line. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Races! Races! Races!

  1. As much as i would like to join every weekend run events, that would also mean gastos! gastos! gastos!… hehe.. sana may rollback sa registration fee. hehehe

    • Let says:

      kita tayo sa last 3, hindi kami sali sa rotarun, may duathlon kasi si mister. NB-10K, Milo-10K, QCIM-21K. kaya mo yan, tapos na ako sa initiation ng 21K, 2nd ko na yung sa QCIM. kitakits. ang thanks for dropping by. 🙂

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