The North Face 100 in Beautiful Baguio

TNF’s race has become one of my favorite race. They continue to give us the value of our money. The first race I joined by TNF was the Thrill of the Trail in Nasugbu, Batangas, since then I have become a fan of trail running. Though it may be hard and is prone to injury, I enjoy it even more compared to road race. Next was in Sacobia, Clark Pampanga, wherein we were able to run on lahar grounds. Almost all my experience with TNF races is memorable. The last Thrill of the Trail I joined was in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa Laguna. Lots of river crossing was given to the runners, and was also my first casualty of trail run but managed to finish.

This time TNF100 brings the excitement of trail running in Baguio City, my third home and my favorite vacation spot. Running in high altitude gives runner a new experience, though most of us have joined or run the streets of Baguio City, this race would be on trail. For the 50K and 100K participants, they would be climbing mountains. Erick joined the 50K category which at first had many issue on whether he would run since SUBIT is just a week away from it. But at the end, he decided on pushing through with the trail run.

April 23, Friday

We left Manila at 8AM, thinking that there is still enough time to reach Baguio City for the briefing of 50K and 100K runners. And so we did manage to reach Baguio City safe and on time.

Ultra-runners Jonel Mendoza aka Bugobugo, Jeffrey Abenina and Isko Lapira

With Wilnar Iglesia who joined the 100K category

Runners who joined the 50K and 100K had a briefing at Baguio City’s multi-purpose hall, which was graced by the City Mayor Reinaldo Bautista, Jr. carbo-loading followed the event.

Mamaw of TNF

April 24, Saturday

Erick and I were woke up at 1AM, I helped him get ready for the race. We double checked the mandatory items, his hydration and food that he would be bringing for the race. Since the race would start at 3AM, we left the house early, there were lots of runners when we arrive, you could almost feel the excitement accompanied by the cool breeze of dawn.

The brave runners of TNF100

Pose with Erick, Fatima and RG

At exactly 3AM, the runners were sent off. Cut-off time is 18hours for the 50K runners and 30hours for the 100K.

Erick’s target finish time is 10 to 11 hours, and since he has his phone with him, we would be able to communicate on how he is doing, where his exact location, or whether he is near the finish line. It was past 10AM when I went to the start/finish area. There were at least 7 or 8 50K runners who finished the race already.

It was a minute before 12Noon when Erick reached the finish line, he logged in a good time of 8hours 59minutes 32seconds, it was better than expected.

Erick relieved that his 50K is over

This is how Erick looked like after the grueling 50K

Photo op with his proud parents:

And then our turn:

Family Picture

Erick was then treated to a sumptuous meal, he ate all that he can, and same as for me for I still have an 11K trail run to finish the following day. After that we went back to Burnham Park to watch other runners crossing the finish line.

With Joyce and Jai

April 25, Sunday

It’s my turn, sometimes I think that I have a lot of things to prove, my husband being a “mamaw” sort of give me the pressure that I need to do well. But don’t get me wrong, I proud of Erick, of how he had improved a lot, maybe it’s the fighter in me. So for every run I try to give my best, regardless of the situation.

My run would start at 6AM in the gate of Old John Hay, Erick drove me there and there were many runners when we arrived at the race area. I positioned in front of the pack, not that I’m fast but it’s much harder to overtake runners when you’re in the end of the group.

With Rose whom I met before the race, she won 2nd in the 11K female category

The race route would lead us to the trail of Camp John Hay all the way to the yellow trail then back to Burnham park.

on my way back to Burnham

I get to finish the race in 1hour 29minutes 59seconds which was way better than my last 11K trail run. I thank God for keeping me and Erick away from harm and supplying us with all our needs.

With the 50K mamaw and 11K runners

With Helen Tacling of Cagayan De Oro’s UniFruti trail runners who won first at the 100K female category

God is good! Erick won 10th place at the 50K male category along with other people.

Erick won 10th, Carly 9th and Jai 9th at the 50K category and Nao 7th at the 100K. Missing is Joyce who won 4th. (Showing off their medals)

The race was a blast, you could see the accomplishment in every runner, finish or DNF. I just hope that this won’t be the last TNF100, I hope that there would be another next year. Thank you so much for such a wonderful race. πŸ™‚ And let me finish this post with this poem;

Beautiful Baguio [Baguio March]

All hail, ye, Baguio City, beloved home so dear
We praise thee, we serve thee, wherever we may be
We’re proud of your beauty, long live we sing to thee
Baguio City pride of our country, we pledge our loyalty.
Beautiful Baguio with mountain so grand
Crowned with green pine trees and sashed with moss so fine
Num-rous white lilies and flowers all kinds
Bedecked you mountainsides beneath the foggy skies
Beautiful Baguio united we stand
Willing to offer our hearts and our hands
Great mountain city with treasures abound
You are jewel of our dear mother land.

SUBIT 2010

I’m back from slumber! Yay! (No excuses). This race have been much talked about in the forum, for some reasons, like it’s an International Triathlon event and prestigious athletes from all around the world would be joining this event. Again, I was not the one joining, it’s Erick (wonder when will my first post be about my first multi-sport). Though I know how to swim, just thinking of swimming in an open water gives me the creeps and makes my heart beat faster.

The Subic International Triathlon 2010 was a two-day event, Day 1 was for the Mini and Sprint Distance, elite and age-group would be competing for the top 3 position. And Day 2 was for the Olympic distance or the standard distance. Erick and most of his team mates were competing on Day 2. So Day 1 started and ended with bonding and fellowship with runner/friends.

Photo Op at the Finish Line with Team Endure

Family Picture (Thanks Brado for the pictures)

With Team Endure at Pista sa Barrio

DAY 2:

Woke up at 2:30AM, I will not be joining but Erick’s alarm woke me up. πŸ˜€

Triathletes getting rid of jitters by smiling

They left at 4:30AM to go to Dungaree beach where the swim leg would be, where would also follow to cheer and support them. We arrived at the beach past 6AM, good thing Erick’s wave haven’t started yet.

Getting ready

It was a sight to behold seeing so many people in the water at the same time swimming as though they were fish getting out of a fishnet. πŸ˜‰

Erick getting out o the water (red swim cap)

He finished his swim leg with an official time of 31:27

After the swim leg, we went to T2 in Waterfront Road, to wait for Erick at his bike loop which he finished in 1:19:55.

Then off to run leg.

The heat of the day and Erick’s lack of recovery from the TNF’s 50K trail run may have put a toll on him. This was the first multi-sport race that I saw Erick walked at his run leg. I knew there was something wrong but I can still see the will in him to finish the race in his target time.

Erick still fighting to finish strong πŸ™‚

Erick walking on his 3rd loop 😦

Erick on his 4th loop on his way to the finish line

Praise God for being so faithful, Erick finished his first standard distance triathlon in 2:44:48. πŸ™‚

A pose after the race: Congratulations to all the finishers! πŸ™‚


James 1:4Β (New International Version)

Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.