Enervon "Happy" Trail Run

Remind me NEVER to run on trails again!!! This is how I felt when I ran the course of Enervon Happy Trail Run. It was the toughest trail race I have ever run, the race wherein I almost quit, wherein I got bruises from falling (again), and my worst PR of all, I finished the race in 1:39 (:().

I join this race because I won in the Enervon’s promo at Facebook, I get to choose what race category I would want to run. I was aiming for a good finish time of 1:10. But I was only halfway through the race course when I slide and fell in a steep area of the trail, causing me to fell flat on the ground, I had to use my hands to protect my face from getting hurt. I lay there for quite a while, I was waiting for someone to help me, but I guess there were no one near me. I stood up, ran, and went on my way not looking on my bruised leg. Β But I had to walk once in a while, the impact on my leg made it hard for me run, bummer! No more PR for me, I just have to finish the race no matter what. And the fact that Timberland Heights is my waterloo, insult was added to injury, Ouch!

Here are some pictures from the race:

Photo taken by Gerard aka DimsumandSiomai

Optimistically waiting for the 10K gun start

My kids with Tiffin and Drey

My kids joined the 500m dash, Rachelle placed 9th place overall and Rebeccah grabbed 11th place, I ‘am a proud mommy, good thing they got Erick’s genes. πŸ™‚

On their way to the finish line

Proud Daddy

Even though I didn’t get my PR, I had fun at the Enervon Happy Trail Run, a lot of freebies were given to the participants. Thanks to Tiffany Batillo of Takbo.ph for the complimentary racekits for Erick and the kids. ‘Till my next trail run at Camaya Coast. πŸ˜‰

6 thoughts on “Enervon "Happy" Trail Run

  1. wow! Running is in the blood. I am so happy for you! with the adversities, you still completed the race and your kids were runaway winners. congratulations.

    • Let says:

      @Tracy – thanks, ikaw ang idol ko sa duathlon, ang lakas mo, hindi ka nagpapa iwan sa mga kalalakihan. see you on sunday. πŸ™‚

      @Joy – thanks for dropping by, yes, i know I’m not a quitter, and I even manage to rank in the upper half of the 10K runners. πŸ™‚

  2. m8parco says:

    I gave up on this race and the uphill and downhill after the first 3 kilometer. this was a difficult course.

  3. jazzrunner says:

    Hi Let, glad you still survived the race despite of the difficulties you encountered. Is the course different from that of the All Terra Race 10k? Mas mahirap ba ito?

    • Let says:

      @Sir Mark – nahirapan na po ako tumakbo after nung pagkakadapa ko, kaya mas madami po talaga yung lakad ko kesa sa run. Hope to see you po sa Sunday. πŸ™‚

      @Sir Rene – hindi po ako nagjoin nung last na Altera, pero nung KOTM last year, reverse po yung naging course. πŸ™‚

  4. Dear Let – You did great! I run the KOTM last year and still cherish the memories then. I like when you started your blog “remind me not run on trails again” only to end the blog “till my next trail run at Camaya Coast” now you are hooked into it!

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