Wrongfully Accused!

As much as I don’t want to react on blogs posted for the past few days and as to Erick’s suggestion, I really don’t want to just shut up. My blood was up to a boiling point when I read a blog of this person I don’t even know, wrongfully accusing Erick of cheating. Have God denied you of a kind spirit? Is there so much fun in trampling on someone’s dignity? Or maybe you just want to be famous?  The heck, I don’t know what your intentions are, but I hope you’re happy where you are right now.

Do you even know who Rhoderick Guieb is? I know a lot of eyebrows would be raised with this post but please FORGIVE me and give me this platform to defend my husband. Erick had finished Bataan Death March Race BDM102 in 15hours 6minutes ranking 26th out of 104 runners. He even placed 10th overall at the TNF50 trail run in Baguio City and not to mention his age-group winning in several duathlon and triathlons. This is my message to you and to those who judge first not even knowing the “other” side of the story, may GOD bless you!