My hubby is my Ironman!

My hubby has once again made me proud by finishing his first Half Ironman race as CWC in Camarines Sur. If there is one trait that I love about Erick, that is perseverance. He never ceases to amaze me on how far he is willing to give and do for the love of multi-sport. I have always been a supportive wife, I ‘am a friend to Erick best friend to be exact, and I ‘am his number 1 fan. 

A year ago, when the debut race of the 70.3 Cobra Ironman was held in CamSur, I saw in Erick’s face the excitement of wanting to join the race. But since he was just starting at multi-sport, not to mention that he don’t have a road bike yet and of the high registration fee, he promised that he would join this year. So as early as December of last year, he registered online and devoted his time to train for the race.

He would be training during weekends and even weekdays, long bike rides, swim drills and run under the heat of the sun. It is also a good thing to have a buddy when training, you get to exchange ideas with each other or as what Erick calls it science of the sport. 

There had been race before the Half Ironman, like the Animo Sprint Triathlon where he place 1st in his age category and the Powerade Duathlon 2nd Leg where he landed on the 2nd place on his age category. His training for the half Ironman may have paid off. 🙂

Podium finishers (my kiddos at 1st and 2nd in their age category)


Happily receiving his medal


Erick had always made me proud when he finish his race strong. I feel like that it’s also my accomplishment whenever he finish ahead of the group. That’s why sometimes the thought of just being the “supporter wife” crosses my mind and thinks that it would be enough. 😀 After long months of waiting for this race, all roads lead to CamSur.


  • We were on our way to Camarines Sur
  • Checked-in at Nagaland
  • Swam at Lago del Rey in CWC
  • Saw Terenzo Bozzzone and his girlfriend Kelly (Aawww!!!)
  • Ate at SM Naga City
  • Sleep

Lago Del Rey CWC

Relax Mode



  • Breakfast at Trevi Cafe
  • Lunch at Biggs with Team Endure
  • Racekit claiming
  • Swam at Lago del Rey
  • Dinner with friends

Lunch at Biggs


Photo op with the Ironman


Smooth claiming of race kit in less than 5 minutes, superb! (ang bilis!)


Dinner with friends



  • Breakfast at Trevi Cafe
  • Fellowship with friends
  • Lunch at CWC
  • Participant’s race brieifing
  • T1 and T2 bags deposit
  • Bike check-in
  • Dinner at Biggs

With Jonas and James


T1 and T2 bags deposited (check)


 Bike check-in


All Erick needs to do is sleep early to ready himself for the big race. Race day report to follow. 😉


4 thoughts on “My hubby is my Ironman!

    • Let says:

      Yes, yes, Go Team Endure! Thanks Rico, sana makuha ko din yung discipline ni Erick when it comes to sport, sa ibang discipline ako magaling, ang pigilan ang sarili ko sa pagbili ng shoes, bag, damit at kung ano pa, kaso minsan nakakalusot. Congratulations to you too! God bless. 🙂

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