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I have recently transferred to a new home, that is my domain to be exact. I really wanted to have my .com domain but since is no longer available I opted to have It would be my pleasure if you visit me at my new home. 🙂

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Corregidor: Settle the Score

A race out of the usual route is a big factor when a runner is picking his/her races. A few days from now would be the Camarines Sur Marathon which I think would be a hit, I know lots of people who would go there just to run. A runner sometimes time his vacation for an out-of-town or even an out of the country vacation like the Standard Chartered Marathon.

Last December, I took the opportunity of joining the Conquer Corregidor Race, haven’t gone to the place yet so I was excited signing up for the race. It was a total of 10 miles, combination of uphill and downhill, road and trail. It was totally a different experience for me, it was a tough course and took me almost 3 hours to finish.

So, when Ms. Vima Mendoza aka Kulit Runner through Ms. Vanessa Ordinario, Project Coordinator for this test run invited me for a test run at Corregidor, I immediately accepted, and she was accommodating enough to let Erick tag along. The run was supposed to be on morning of September 11, but due to the long weekend Sun Cruises was fully booked so we had to take a later time of departure which mean running under the heat of the sun.

My body was still sore from the long ride our team had the day before. But I really wanted to run in Corregidor along withe other bloggers. Upon arriving the island, we had our buffet lunch. And a quick briefing headed by Mr. Edward Kho was held before our test run. 

Test run briefing after a hearty buffet lunch


Bloggers pose before the run (Roselle, Cindy, Zinnia, Sir Rene, Junrox, Me and Vimz)


2PM: Start of the test run

Start of the test run = uphill agad! 😀

Another uphill route

Trail route 

Finally, shaded area

The ruins with Vima, Zinnia, James, Sir Rene, Doc Marvz and Cindy


I wanted to finish the whole 12K route but had to give up due to the heat, so I just opted to do this. 🙂


and this


It was a day of fun and training, a lot of may already know that there will be a run in Corregidor at the end of the year and it will be a half marathon, just a tip for those who want to join start saving for this race and start TRAINING! Do you want to conquer Corregidor or just let Corregidor conquer you. And if you will be joining the race, please respect the island, don’t litter!

First Long Ride

After last night’s Xterra Philippines Press Launch, I had to wake up early this morning for the Team Endure long bike ride in Jala Jala, Rizal? Was I excited? Yes and nervous at the same time, this would be my very first long ride, I would be biking for 30 minutes up to an hour, either at UP ACAD Oval or just home using bike trainer. As early as 4AM, I was already awake, had to wake up Erick since he just arrived home past 1AM giving him only 3 hours of sleep.

Meeting place is at Shell Marcos Hway, almost all our teamates have arrived and was waiting for us and 4 more team members. We had to convoy to the designated parking area at DPWH Morong, one by one the parking area was occupied by the team, checked tires, did a little warm, offered prayer to God asking Him to guide each and every one of us, and we’re off to our ride.

Team Endure with friends


We would biking a total of 70 kilometers to and fro, good thing my super hubby Erick was with me all the time, I would get nervous when we were approaching a check point area and cross roads, this is my first ride along side with vehicles, large trucks would sometimes overtake me, with its smoke filling my nose. Some areas have bike lane which I took advantage of. It think it was past the 10K mark when I started to get dizzy, experiencing a terrible headache, had to tell Erick for us to stop for a while for I had to throw up, and loosen my helmet, after that I was totally feeling okay except for some stop for hydration and nutrition.

Upon reaching 35K, the team was nowhere to be found, and we had no way of communicating with them, so Erick decided to go and look for them, I had to wait for him/them for a few minutes and I was able to rest.

Solo picture while waiting for the gang


And the team was whole again, we ride back to the parking area taking stop to take picture, buy drinks and eat lunch.

Erick, Dennis, Ellen, RJ and Raff


Softdrink break with pretty Z

Lunch never tasted so delicious ever since as we stopped for lunch, the team chatted over lunch. There was still 12 kilometers to go before the parking area, I was tempted to hitch at Rico‘s car, since I already felt comfortable, full and relaxed. But I had to fight over this thought, and also thinking that Erick might get angry. With all my might (by God’s grace) I biked the last 12 kilometers, there was already lots of vehicle at this time and the sun was at its hottest. Every kilometer we biked made me glad, I was eager to get to the finish line (parking area) it helped me motivated to biked. But it was also at this time that both my hands felt nothing, it felt numb which made it hard to adjust the bike gear. But praise God that I made it whole, praise God for the strength He gave me and for the rest of the team, praise God for having friends/teamates who’s willing to lend a hand and support each other, praise God for my dearest hubby who biked beside me all the time knowing that my pace was slow for him, praise God for keeping me safe from the little mishap I had during a turn at a sharp curve, praise God for everything! Now, I had to rest my tired legs and ready myself for a test run tomorrow at Corregidor. 😀


Xterra Philippines

Last night, a gathering of sports enthusiast, bikers, runners, triathletes and blogger was held at Bonifacio High Street for the launching of the most awaited Xterra Philppines. The international sporting brand Xterra is once again brought here in the Philippines by the same person who ignited every Filipino triathletes to be called the Ironman, Wilfred Steven Uytengsu, President of Alaska Milk Corporation through Sunrise Events, Inc.

What is Xterra?

X which is the unknown and Terra as territory, a race in an unknown territory, Xterra is the premiere international off-road triathlon brand known for its off-road races which include swimming, mountain biking and trail running which holds its World Championship in Maui, Hawaii every October.

When will Xterra Philippines be?

The inaugural Xterra Philippines race dubbed as XTERRA “Putik Pare” off-road duathlon relay will be held on November 7, 2010.


It will be held in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa Laguna with its accessibility to lot of athletes was the main reason why it was chosen to be the venue for this year’s race.

“Putik Pare” is a two-person relay which is a combination of 18 kilometers of mountain biking and 8 kilometers of trail run. The relay teams will start together with one member starting with a trail run while the other will start on the mountain bike. The course will bring them back to where they started and they will switch disciplines. Again they will return and have to cross a “mud-pit” before proceeding to the finish line together. This first XTERRA Philippines race will have three categories: All Male, All Female and Mixed. 

Registration for the Xterra Putik Pare off-road duathlon relay will be opened from September 15 to October 31, 2010 at ROX, Second Wind, Cycling Zone, and Runnr. For more information visit the official website at

My journey begins…

I have been running for more than two years now, started with a 5K run/walk at the Mizuno Rush to Infinity, trained for my first 10K at the Adidas King of the Road, did my first half at the Eco Dash. A lot of people would ask me why I ‘am running, I simply answer for my health. But at times they would compliment me by telling me that I’m looking good loosing pounds. Frankly, I did, before I use to maintain 110-115 lbs. which is still in normal zone for my height. But ever since I have started multi sport and been cross training with swimming and biking, my normal weight have dropped to 102-105 lbs. I was never a fan of food deprivation  I still eat my favorite Cheetos, sometimes drinks Coke when I want to and still has my desert. 🙂


I have started my journey to every runners goal, and that is to finish a full marathon. I’m now currently training for my first full marathon race this coming November. With the help of Runners World Smart Coach, I ‘am diligently following my training plan and hopes that it pays off. When I joined my first 10K, I was afraid of the distance thinking that 10K is too long but the idea dismissed when I finished the race, and the same goes for my first 21K, and is now in the same state of mind. I’ll keep you posted on my journey as I begin to reach for my dream. 🙂