Want cash? Join now!

Want to win extra cash? With prices, tollfee, fuel and race fee getting higher, wouldn’t you want it? Just join the Endure’s Blackberry Slogan Contest. See mechanics below, who knows you might be the lucky winner and you’ll instantly win P2,000.00



1. Think of a clever or funny slogan that you think represents or reminds you of BlackBerry as a brand.

2. The only judging criterion is that it is liked by the Team.


3. Post your Entry on the Wall of the BlackBerry Love Page. You may enter as many slogans as you want.


4. Click Like on the Endure’s BlackBerry Love Page. Encourage your friends to comment or Like your slogan post.


5. Click “Like” the ENDURE Multisport fan page and follow us on Twitter.

6. You may or may not accompany your slogan entry with a photo.


7. There is only one winner who will get Php2,000 cash as prize.


8. Contests starts January 3 and ends January 10, 2010.


9. Immediate members of Endure Multisports may post slogans but are not eligible for the prize.


Send your entries NOW! 🙂


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