A long run and a post overdue

Last Saturday, at 3AM me and my family are on the road bound to Nuvali. You see in two weeks I will be doing my first full marathon at The Bull Runner Dream Marathon. This month has been so hectic that I have to train for my big day and also plan for our renewal of vows a week after that. So many things to be done that sometimes I just don’t want to move. 😀



At exactly 4:30AM last February 26 I took my first stride at the Nuvali road for my 30K long run along with other first time marathoner. I opted to run with the 2:1 Galloway group since I was nervous that I may not finish the run, a thought of just doing one loop (13K) would be fine for me. And even my husband is afraid that I won’t last the entire route. 🙂


For the first few kilometers I ran with Jenel, but as soon as we reached 5K she fell back from the group and found myself running with Dittie, Carrey Lyn and Jaymie aka The Bull Runner. Jaymie would yell “run” “walk” to us since we’re doing the Galloway method. I felt good throughout the first loop. And as soon as we began our second loop rain started pouring which I liked. The run was blessed with good weather that I was able to finish the 30+K long run in 4:30 with eating break, bathroom break and rest. I think I’m ready for my big day, armored with the weekly training, early morning run, long run on weekend and I’m happy that I gained a few pound which I ‘am maintaining for big day.


All smile for the photo-op 🙂


This is my dream for now is that is to finish in a sub 7hour marathon. I pray for a good weather on that day and I pray that my red friend won’t visit me on that day. 😉

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