Run Rio Trilogy Awards Night

Being a blogger have some perks, you get invites for a press launch of an upcoming race, you sometimes get complimentary racekits, free food during the launch, free shirt or towel. When you get invited, it is a courtesy to post a write-up about the said event, not compulsory but it is ethical to do so. Sometimes I forget to share my post because of busy schedule but you can opt to copy the information given at the presskit. It is also a way to attract readers to your blog since they can get information about a race they wanted to join. A blog is a platform where you can write about your experiences and an information tool meant to be shared. 🙂

I got a text from a dear friend (you know who) that me and Erick is invited to the Runrio Trilogy Awards Night. I never go to launch when I don’t have invites, it’s unprofessional to show up on an event when you are not on the list, you don’t know if seat were counted to those who only confirmed of their attendance.

I thought hey! this is new, and there is a dress code! When on a bloggers launch you can just go there on your uniform, pants or even shorts. So I thought wow, did I really get an invite for this?! And so I checked my email and there it was, me and Erick are invited, but knowing my husband it would just be me.

The event was organized to acknowledge the efforts of the runners who joined and successfully finished the three legs of the RunRio Trilogy. The awardees were given a medal, a shirt and goodie bag. I was envious of them for the medal looks good. The event is Oscar’s-inspired, most runners I know looked good in their best dress. 🙂

Coach Rio and his team did a great job in giving back to the runners, with the entertainment provided by the Philippine All Star and 6 Cycle Mind who sang the theme song of Run Rio. It was a night filled with glitz, glamor, fun and fellowship.

So if you want to be next year’s awardees and you have registered for the Run United this Sunday which is Leg 1 be sure to join the two legs. 🙂

Photo from the night courtesy of Doc Marvin Opulencio who was an awardee

With fellow bloggers Alfred, Sir Rene and James

With Philippine All Star dancers

With Coach Rio’s cousin and beauty queen Venus Raj


Thanks again the invite, ’till next year. 🙂


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