Free Alaska Run for Fun Racekit

Want to run for free? I’m giving away 10 FREE racekit for the Alaska Family Run. You may choose from this two category:

3km – Adult + Child 4 to 10 years old

5km – Adult+ Child 11 to 14 years old

All you have to do is answer this question: Is it important to introduce your children to sport? 🙂 Here’s another good news, the first 1000 finishers get to receive a cool Finisher’s Shirt.
For more information about the race, you may visit the Alaska Family Run website here.

12 thoughts on “Free Alaska Run for Fun Racekit

  1. It is important for children to go sports. In this digital age, a lot of children have no physical activity due to the invention of computers and game consoles, making them obese. Doing sports help them to be physically fit. Teach them to enjoy the outdoors.

  2. ronaldo robles says:

    Ofcourse, sports not only develop the physical aspect of the child but also will teach him how to give his 100% in everything that he does. And most of all, the child will learn the meaning of FAIRNESS …

  3. Kontador says:

    Yes, as growing kid like me who love sports. 😛
    It provides a positive learning experience that will enhance a child’s ability to develop self confidence, good sportsmanship and teamwork skills. Sports also teach all of us to work hard and have a little fun at the same time. =)

  4. jose says:

    Yes! it is important because it is where they can develop more of themselves physically with how they move, mentally with how they solve a puzzling activity and emotionally with how they will cope up with stress or defeat.

  5. Gody says:

    Of course! Its a good opportunity to spend quality time with my children at the same time introduce them to a healthier lifestyle.

  6. vivian inciong-aquino says:

    definitely. sports builds physical and mental strength, endurance, and fitness and cultivates nature appreciation for everyone. no better time than to start them kids young.

  7. jb says:

    Involving kids in sports at an early age is something a responsible parent should do. Sports builds confidence and lights the fire of competition in people. This is true not only for kids but for grown ups as well. Starting them young makes them more confident to face the challenges of life. Kids who have played sports at a young age has the foundation to excel when they grow up. Therefore, it is important to introduce children to sports at an early age.

  8. Benedict Chavez says:

    Maganda maging isang manglalaro sa murang edad! Ito ay isang paraan imulat ang bata sa tamang barkada, maging masigla sa isip, sa salita at sa gawa.

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