Proud wife and still ‘am

Erick is still healing his broken collarbone, it was a bummer for him to have this injury, he had to turn down races and training schedule. It has been eight weeks and up to now it hasn’t fully recovered yet. But Erick being stubborn as he is, he’s been doing workouts already, biking, running a half marathon in sub 2 hours, and swimming. I’m amaze at how his body works, he’s at the office in the evening, have a little sleep and then he’s off to his minimal training routine. I’m not a nagging wife, I’d like to think of myself as the supporting wife, if he ask if he can join a race, buy parts for a bike, I rarely turn him down. When he asked me if he could join the Tour of Subic (ToS), I asked him if he’s ready and when he said yes I permitted him to join. I love our tandem, we think of ourselves as one, I don’t know why but we compliment each other. 😀

Today, he’s competing in Subic, I’m just hoping that he comes back safe and whole. For I don’t want him to go through another mishap. To the Quest boys, God speed, have a safe ride.

Thanks Deo for this nice profile picture of Erick with Chervy

P.S.: Erick, please take care of Chervy, it breaks my heart to see him battered, you know why. 😀


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