Does a “second” matters?

We all know about “Filipino time”, a negative value that describes the Filipino. You would be a hypocrite if you deny of using this term and doing it too. Does a second matters to you? An hour would be, and even a minute, but would losing a second be important to you?

I’m a wife of triathlete, hubby has finished several multi sport event and excelling in each one of them. Just this Sunday, July 17, he competed in Matabungkay at the Tri King event, when he fully recovered from his bike crash and completed his physical therapy session, he was psyched to train for the said event. I would whine that he no longer have time for me nor the kids. But I understand how important it is for him to finish strong in this race, since it was his comeback.

So what does a “second” have to do with this race? It’s because by just  one second (1 second), the 3rd place for his age group was stolen from him. With just one second, a podium finish from his sports resume will not be added. With just this one second, he did not receive the prize and medal for this place. So next time, also think about the second, not just the minute or the hour, remember without this one second, a minute will only be just 59 seconds. 😉

Next race is 70.3 Ironman in Camarines Sur and Bohol on December for the full Ironman.

Nearing the finish line


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