This was meant to be…

This are the things I did, that led me to this:

Thank you Gigi for this picture


7:00PM – picked my running gear for tomorrow’s run

7:30PM – cooked spaghetti for carbo-loading

8:30PM – ate dinner

9:00PM – lights out



3:00AM – woke up

3:30AM – sipped coffee, showered

3:45AM – double-checked things needed for the race, including the twins stuff

4:00AM – buckled up for BGC for the Timex Run 2012

5:00AM – chatted a bit with Piolo’s mom, Miss Gemma Racraquin Pagsibigan of Timex

Philippines, chummy friends Vima, Banjo, Eman, Bobby and Wilbert

5:10AM – 16K runners gunstart, Erick’s first race of the year

5:30AM – grabbed a bite of sandwich

5:40AM – 10K runners off, with chummy friends beside Piolo at the starting line (inggit!) 😀

5:50AM – my turn to run and the rest of the 5K runners

6:08AM – on the 2K mark, feeling good, my vitamins are doing their job right

6:20AM – catched up with Jaimie, Bobby and Wilbert, well because they waited for me (haha)

6:25AM – at the 4K mark, last 1K to go

6:35 – and I’m done, thank you Lord! 🙂

Then I changed to my “I’m running with Piolo shirt” praying that I will get my picture with Piolo and so I did. 😉



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