Call Him: Simply Wilnar

For runners out there, I’m sure you have heard the name “Wilnar Iglesia”, a runner, duathlete and a triathlete. I’m thankful for he agreed to answer some of my questions about him, about his love for the sports of running.

A year ago, he made a history at Bataan Death March (BDM) race, finishing with an unbelievable time of 17 hours, 35 minutes and 48 seconds. This lad who had stayed down to earth, simple, and fun to be with is a force to be reckoned with. But with all of this, he stays the same, humble as he was when he began running….

Simply, Wilnar….

Wilnar crossing the finish line of BDM 160K

Below are some of my questions he non-hesitantly answered 🙂

TRM: Will you be joining this year’s BDM 160?

Wilnar: Unfortunately, I will not be joining this year’s edition of BDM 160, because I’m thinking of joining Jeju Ultra-marathon this coming March.

TRM: You hold the current fastest time in this race, do you think that someone will be able to beat it?

Wilnar: For me nothing is impossible, even when I joined last year’s race I didn’t plan to finish first, I just gave all my best especially when I heard that the guy behind me is a Singaporean,  kasi po since it’s the first 160K race in the Philippines  I wanted a Filipino to win this event. 

I believe that someone can beat my time this year since I see post and pictures of my friends in Facebook how almost all those who are joining this year really prepared for the race.

TRM: How were you able to sustain your pace throughout the entire 160K?

Wilnar: With ultra-marathon distance I usually look for someone who I can pace with and maintain that pace. Maybe during that time its the adrenaline pumping that made me maintain that pace and also knowing that I’m currently on the first place. Because typically when you’re training your pace is slower than during the race.

The race was also a tribute to my grandmother who had an operation on her leg, she inspired me a lot and gave my best for her.

And also a way of thanking Team CB and other running mates who offered what they can give to support me during that day.

TRM: Any tips for those who want to try ultra running?

Wilnar: Have a good base! 🙂

TRM: You make it look easy to run 160K, how do you train? where do you train?

The training I did before the race day itself, since I’m trying a new sport which is multi sport during that time my training consisted mostly of the three disciplines swimming, cycling and running. During that time I swim 2-3 times a week, easy ride twice a week, one long ride every weekend with my Quest 825 Tri team and running 3-4 times a week which consists of interval, easy run, speed training and long run. I thank my Tri team for the training and support.

I usually swim at Army Gym or MASA (Makati Aqua Sports Arena) and I ride at Camp Aguinaldo and long ride at bugarin and i do run at Meralco compound..

TRM: You have been visible in multi-sport the past months, does this mean you’re turning your back from ultra running?

Wilnar: I will not turn my back from ultra running kasi through ultra running dun ko po naeenjoy un isang place at nakakagala nga po eh..its just happen lang po just like when you’re new in something eh andun yung parang di mo maiwasan na you join this and that..parang sa takbo din po noong una sali ng sali pero later you select your races na din kasi medyo mgastos din po..pero if there will be no conflict in schedule and training definitely i’ll join again ultra running.

TRM: Any last message for your fans?

Wilnar: haha..nakakatuwa talaga un mga friends mo sa running kasi actually I dont consider myself na sikat, may mas mgaling at sikat pa sa akin it just happen lang siguro na ako yung unang nanalo dun sa BDM160..pero salamat sa support at inspiration po ng mga kaibigan..I’ll do my best po para sabi nyo nga eh mainspire ko pa kau..thanks ma’am let for this interview and exposure..haha..

There goes my interview with Wilnar Iglesia, for those who may be interested in sponsoring or supporting this guy, since registration fees now a days is a bit expensive especially with multi-sport, you may drop a comment here.


Disclaimer: The interviewee is my friend, he is one of my husband’s teammate. I was the one who approached him and not vice versa. Wrote this because of my intention of letting others know about the talent this guy have. And maybe, just maybe someone out there would be interested in sponsoring him. (therunningmom)



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