The Fourth Time – Cobra Ironman 70.3

Once, I asked my husband a question like this:

Me: Papsy, pareho lang ba yung passion mo sa sports mo sa passion mo sa akin? (a bit selfish I know). 😉

Erick Guieb: Syempre mas higit sa iyo at sa mga anak natin. (and this made me smile)

Being the family man and triathlete  that he is, he has been able to juggle his time perfectly well. Even to the point that he has to sleep at the hospital to take care of our daughter who was confined just a few days ago so that I could sleep comfortably back at home. And after I relieved his duty at the morning, he would train.

Me: I thought it was taper week already? I asked for it was just a week away from his major race which is the Cobra Ironman 70.3.

Erick Guieb: Taper week doesn’t mean I won’t train, I would just have to lessen the intensity and distance. He spoke like a true athlete. 🙂

Upon writing, we are now in The City of Smiles, Cebu City for the race. And for the Fourth Time, he’s racing the prestigious Ironman 70.3.  I do hope that all his training will pay off, and will finish strong.  ‘Am here to support him all the way! 🙂

IMG-20130727-01174The sweetest dad ever, my Irondad! (as per my kiddos) 🙂



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