Teleport Me Back to Australia!

If there is one place I want to go right now, it’s Australia, the land down under. I was blessed to be given the opportunity to travel to this country last March of this year. I was hubby’s +1 on his race at the Ironman Melbourne.

I instantly fell in love with Australia. Who wouldn’t? The country is really beautiful. Sharing with you some pictures from my travel. πŸ™‚


Melbourne City:

P1080853 P1080839 P1080867 P1080925 P1080886 P1080874 P1080926 P1080995 P1080997 P1100032


Victoria Market:

P1100024 P1100020 P1100019 P1100017 P1100015 P1100014 P1100013 P1100027



P1100622 P1100642 P1100654 P1100676 P1100688 P1100725 P1100729 P1100731 P1100734 P1100736 P1100737 P1100740 P1100743 P1100744


Been dreaming of going back to this country, but since it takes a lot of money to travel to Australia, will just settle on dreaming for now. πŸ˜‰

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