Quezon City International Marathon 2

It was my most painful race yet, but sweet at the same time. I had to be content with the thought that I have to wake up early for a race that I didn’t train enough for. I have been busy lately with website project from my previous employer, and is almost close with a new project from the same client. The thought of DNFing crossed my mind, but having one DNFed in my race history (I think) is enough. So, I had to sucked it up, I have to set aside my pride, and has to face the truth that I might not be able to finish the race with a new PR.


Erick woke me up 45minutes past 3AM, and both of us were on the rush, thinking that we have to face traffic going to Quezon City Hall, but praise God because there was none. The parking lot was full of cars that we immediately went to the starting line after getting our things. I wanted to watch the gun start of the 42K runners, since our good friend and teamate Marga Baula is there. But because we woke up late, the 42K runners were already gone, we just made our way to the pack of excited 21K runners. I even saw my childhood (super)crush Jeffrey Hidalgo, I have a notebook way back in highschool with his pictures, new clippings and everything that has his face. 😀

I actually don’t know if we started on time since I  don’t have a watch with me. I think there were more than a thousand of  runners and as soon as the gun was fired signaling the start of the race I was fighting my way to reach the timing chip mat. After one kilometer I was able to get my groove, I get to run consistently without stopping, but not for long.


My right leg started cramping as early as kilometer 7, I opted to walk and stretch a bit so that the pain would go away. Yet as soon as I started running again, it was a cramp attack from my left leg, so walked I did. I think it was a kilometer 8 when I saw and met (personally) Carrey Reyno which I ‘am thankful for. I get to have a running and walking buddy which made the whole race easier.  I was not really aiming for any PR so I just cherished the thought that I get to run once again in Commonwealth Avenue formerly known as Don Mariano Marcos Avenue which was once knew as one of the deadliest road in the Philippines.


What do you do when hunger strikes you while on a race? I begged a marshall to share his Piatos with me, I asked for a free sample of nachos with Nestle Carbonara cream as a dipping inside UP campus which by the way taste very good. And so I thank you all, the Lord will repay you for your goodness. 🙂

These food along with my GU power gel, Viva mineral water and Powerade from the water station fueled me in this race. And kudos to the organizer, I was well hydrated, almost all station had cold Viva mineral water and Powerade for me and all the runners. And most of all, thank you Lord for once again protecting me and giving me the strength physically and mentally to finish this race, all glory is Yours alone!


I finish my most painful race (yet) and it was memorable! 😀

Would do my best in my next race and I ‘am psyched for it, training starts next week. 😀

Corregidor: Settle the Score

A race out of the usual route is a big factor when a runner is picking his/her races. A few days from now would be the Camarines Sur Marathon which I think would be a hit, I know lots of people who would go there just to run. A runner sometimes time his vacation for an out-of-town or even an out of the country vacation like the Standard Chartered Marathon.

Last December, I took the opportunity of joining the Conquer Corregidor Race, haven’t gone to the place yet so I was excited signing up for the race. It was a total of 10 miles, combination of uphill and downhill, road and trail. It was totally a different experience for me, it was a tough course and took me almost 3 hours to finish.

So, when Ms. Vima Mendoza aka Kulit Runner through Ms. Vanessa Ordinario, Project Coordinator for this test run invited me for a test run at Corregidor, I immediately accepted, and she was accommodating enough to let Erick tag along. The run was supposed to be on morning of September 11, but due to the long weekend Sun Cruises was fully booked so we had to take a later time of departure which mean running under the heat of the sun.

My body was still sore from the long ride our team had the day before. But I really wanted to run in Corregidor along withe other bloggers. Upon arriving the island, we had our buffet lunch. And a quick briefing headed by Mr. Edward Kho was held before our test run. 

Test run briefing after a hearty buffet lunch


Bloggers pose before the run (Roselle, Cindy, Zinnia, Sir Rene, Junrox, Me and Vimz)


2PM: Start of the test run

Start of the test run = uphill agad! 😀

Another uphill route

Trail route 

Finally, shaded area

The ruins with Vima, Zinnia, James, Sir Rene, Doc Marvz and Cindy


I wanted to finish the whole 12K route but had to give up due to the heat, so I just opted to do this. 🙂


and this


It was a day of fun and training, a lot of may already know that there will be a run in Corregidor at the end of the year and it will be a half marathon, just a tip for those who want to join start saving for this race and start TRAINING! Do you want to conquer Corregidor or just let Corregidor conquer you. And if you will be joining the race, please respect the island, don’t litter!

My First Half at the Ecodash – A Run to Remember

This race was not intended to be my “initiation” on my first half marathon nor supposed to run on this race. Up to now I still don’t know how did my husband convince me in running a 21K at the Ecodash. The night before the race, I still have jitters and in a way was praying for a rain that would stop the race. Yes, I know that is so selfish of me, but came to my senses that I still have to do a 21K one time or another, do I have to prolong my agony?!

I woke up 3AM and heard to no rain outside, so this is it, the moment of truth. Erick and me got dressed and put the things we needed inside the car. At exactly 4AM, we’re on our way to Fort Bonifacio, there were already cars parked when we arrived at the area. The race would be starting 30minutes late for those who would be coming late which was not a big deal for me. Erick, me and one of his colleague did some warm-up, we ran 2K and did some drills.

At 5:30, the gun was fired to mark the start of the 21K runners. It was still dark when we started, Erick paced with me, and run alongside with power couple Vener and Christy and some Takbo.ph peeps. Vener was teasing me “naku, Let mahabang distance ito” (Let, it’s a long distance run), still chuckling I answered him “oo nga eh, sabi kasi ni Erick try ko na daw para mawala yung fear ko sa distance na 21K” (yes, but Erick told me to run on this distance so that I can overcome my fear of the 21K distance). Erick run beside until we reached the middle part of the Kalayaan Flyover, for he has to reach his target finish time. As soon as I was heading down the flyover, rain was pouring, who wouldn’t want to run in the rain? This was the scenario all through the route.

It was 48minutes when on my watch when I was at the end of Kalayaan Flyover on my way back to the Fort area. I was saying to myself to finish within 3hours. My first 21K experience is a memory I will treasure, up to now I still can’t believe that I’ve ran a 21K race. As I was heading back to the finish line, I saw Erick running towards me which was what we have talked about [he finished with a time of 1hour 48minutes]. After he run the race, he would be pacing me up to the finish line, but I think the toll has fallen on me. Both my legs had cramped but I couldn’t afford to loose time. I must cross the finish line no matter what. When I check my watch, it was 2hours 21minutes past the starting time and I was still 2kilometers away.

Erick told me to push it and have a strong finish, but I was running/walking due to the pain in my legs. Just 1kilometer away, I pushed myself and ran as fast as I could. I could almost see the finish line, yes! I can do it! I crossed the finish line with a time of 2hours 33minutes 17seconds. YEAH! The smell of victory is so sweet. To God be the glory!

Thanks to Sir Ipe, Bards, Master Mon, Vener and Christy for cheering for me whenever they saw while we were running.

I have no camera, no photos for my first half 😦