The North Face 100 in Beautiful Baguio

TNF’s race has become one of my favorite race. They continue to give us the value of our money. The first race I joined by TNF was the Thrill of the Trail in Nasugbu, Batangas, since then I have become a fan of trail running. Though it may be hard and is prone to injury, I enjoy it even more compared to road race. Next was in Sacobia, Clark Pampanga, wherein we were able to run on lahar grounds. Almost all my experience with TNF races is memorable. The last Thrill of the Trail I joined was in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa Laguna. Lots of river crossing was given to the runners, and was also my first casualty of trail run but managed to finish.

This time TNF100 brings the excitement of trail running in Baguio City, my third home and my favorite vacation spot. Running in high altitude gives runner a new experience, though most of us have joined or run the streets of Baguio City, this race would be on trail. For the 50K and 100K participants, they would be climbing mountains. Erick joined the 50K category which at first had many issue on whether he would run since SUBIT is just a week away from it. But at the end, he decided on pushing through with the trail run.

April 23, Friday

We left Manila at 8AM, thinking that there is still enough time to reach Baguio City for the briefing of 50K and 100K runners. And so we did manage to reach Baguio City safe and on time.

Ultra-runners Jonel Mendoza aka Bugobugo, Jeffrey Abenina and Isko Lapira

With Wilnar Iglesia who joined the 100K category

Runners who joined the 50K and 100K had a briefing at Baguio City’s multi-purpose hall, which was graced by the City Mayor Reinaldo Bautista, Jr. carbo-loading followed the event.

Mamaw of TNF

April 24, Saturday

Erick and I were woke up at 1AM, I helped him get ready for the race. We double checked the mandatory items, his hydration and food that he would be bringing for the race. Since the race would start at 3AM, we left the house early, there were lots of runners when we arrive, you could almost feel the excitement accompanied by the cool breeze of dawn.

The brave runners of TNF100

Pose with Erick, Fatima and RG

At exactly 3AM, the runners were sent off. Cut-off time is 18hours for the 50K runners and 30hours for the 100K.

Erick’s target finish time is 10 to 11 hours, and since he has his phone with him, we would be able to communicate on how he is doing, where his exact location, or whether he is near the finish line. It was past 10AM when I went to the start/finish area. There were at least 7 or 8 50K runners who finished the race already.

It was a minute before 12Noon when Erick reached the finish line, he logged in a good time of 8hours 59minutes 32seconds, it was better than expected.

Erick relieved that his 50K is over

This is how Erick looked like after the grueling 50K

Photo op with his proud parents:

And then our turn:

Family Picture

Erick was then treated to a sumptuous meal, he ate all that he can, and same as for me for I still have an 11K trail run to finish the following day. After that we went back to Burnham Park to watch other runners crossing the finish line.

With Joyce and Jai

April 25, Sunday

It’s my turn, sometimes I think that I have a lot of things to prove, my husband being a “mamaw” sort of give me the pressure that I need to do well. But don’t get me wrong, I proud of Erick, of how he had improved a lot, maybe it’s the fighter in me. So for every run I try to give my best, regardless of the situation.

My run would start at 6AM in the gate of Old John Hay, Erick drove me there and there were many runners when we arrived at the race area. I positioned in front of the pack, not that I’m fast but it’s much harder to overtake runners when you’re in the end of the group.

With Rose whom I met before the race, she won 2nd in the 11K female category

The race route would lead us to the trail of Camp John Hay all the way to the yellow trail then back to Burnham park.

on my way back to Burnham

I get to finish the race in 1hour 29minutes 59seconds which was way better than my last 11K trail run. I thank God for keeping me and Erick away from harm and supplying us with all our needs.

With the 50K mamaw and 11K runners

With Helen Tacling of Cagayan De Oro’s UniFruti trail runners who won first at the 100K female category

God is good! Erick won 10th place at the 50K male category along with other people.

Erick won 10th, Carly 9th and Jai 9th at the 50K category and Nao 7th at the 100K. Missing is Joyce who won 4th. (Showing off their medals)

The race was a blast, you could see the accomplishment in every runner, finish or DNF. I just hope that this won’t be the last TNF100, I hope that there would be another next year. Thank you so much for such a wonderful race. πŸ™‚ And let me finish this post with this poem;

Beautiful Baguio [Baguio March]

All hail, ye, Baguio City, beloved home so dear
We praise thee, we serve thee, wherever we may be
We’re proud of your beauty, long live we sing to thee
Baguio City pride of our country, we pledge our loyalty.
Beautiful Baguio with mountain so grand
Crowned with green pine trees and sashed with moss so fine
Num-rous white lilies and flowers all kinds
Bedecked you mountainsides beneath the foggy skies
Beautiful Baguio united we stand
Willing to offer our hearts and our hands
Great mountain city with treasures abound
You are jewel of our dear mother land.

The TNF100 Challenge – Part 2

Here are some pics I took after the TNF100 race.

IMG_0059with Tiffin who finished her first trail run with 1hour 10mins.Β  πŸ™‚

IMG_0084The ever fit Gigi

IMG_0060Ultrarunner Mikey and Erick

IMG_0087Erick with fitmommy

IMG_0093with Mr. Leo Oracion


My pitiful Merell shoes

IMG_0106Hubby trying his new cleats

IMG_0109Dhenz the “Running Pinoy” who did his 100K solo

IMG_0118Check out time na! (with Echel)

The TNF100 Challenge – Part 1

The long wait is over, TNF100 has arrived…

‘Twas the day before….

The wheels on our car go round and round on that Saturday afternoon as we drive to Clark, Pampanga. Everything has been well planned, our running gears ready; our cooler if fully-packed of hydration drinks, power gels and lots of water; and the bananas already ripe. Our racing spirits in-tuned with the anticipated event.

We arrived at the hotel at 3PM, rested for a while and decided to go to the race area so we could survey the trail. But as soon as we arrive in front of Expo Filipino and parked our car, huge drop of rain started pouring and winds were almost tearing the race area, it was like being in the middle of a storm. We opted to stay inside the car and waited for the rain to be over. And as soon as it was, this is how the race area looked like:




IMG_0013It looks like a storm hit this place

Hubby and I were concerned with the runners in the 100K category. We thought that with a wind that strong and that heavy downpour they would be worried of a very muddy and slippery terrain, add to the rising water level on the river rising. 😦

After that rain, we still went to the trail area and walk/run (lakbo) some kilometers, we didn’t get to see the way leading to trail so we just run on the river. We were on our way back to the area that night when we saw Glenn Mundo running for the finish line, we stop for a while so that we could cheer for him and chat for a while. He was the one who told us that Coach Rio is thinking of postponing the race due to what happened earlier. Coach Rio did what any responsible organizer would do, analyze the situation and act and I admire him for that. We stayed for a while in the race area and talked to runners who finished their first loop in the 100K. We saw Mikey, Glenn, and Bro. Ronnie (RunnerforChrist), finally I get to meet him. We left the area after a couple of minutes for we have to sleep early for the big event.

‘Twas a very special day….

I ‘am used to preparing everything needed during the night before a run, I don’t want to miss and forget anything that is needed. Woke up around 3:10AM, drank some coffee, eat instant noodles, change from pajama to running attire and off we go to the area. There were lots of runner attendees who also stayed at Holiday Inn since they were giving discounts for the accommodation in collaboration with the TNF100. The shuttle bus going to the site was already in front of the hotel lobby and lots of runners were already on board.


It was obvious that we were super-dooper excited for the race (along with many runners), we arrived at the area early, something that we don’t usually do. πŸ˜€ Some runners were warming up, chatting with friends, the racing atmosphere is so high that you are immediately drawn to it. Gigi the FitMommy was also there, who was doing her 20K trail run and said that she was nervous but knowing her the run was nothing to her. πŸ™‚IMG_0036


The 20K runners went first and after 10minutes the 10K were off. It was around 1.5K of road before heading to the downhill portion of the Sacobia bridge leading to river. There was a slight traffic at this portion because it was muddy and some runners prefer to go down safely rather than go down fast risking injury. The run was fun, we were made to cross river and run on water, I was running with wet, dirty and muddy shoes. It was a bit irritating running like this for almost 75% of the race, but it was really fun. You can tell that almost all the runners were having a good time and was really happy of joining this race that day. Sure it was a hard course but I’m happy to have done it and will join again next year. Check some pictures I took while I was on the trail.




I finished the race with an official time of 1:30:58. It was slower than my last TNF but this course is way too hard than that.Β  My esposo placed 7th overall in the 20K with official time of 1:55:12. I was just wondering why he didn’t won in his age category “A” (18-30 y.o.), instead the runner with Bib#7074 won (age 21) with a time of 2:03:03, is the AGE the first basis when choosing the winner for the age category or the finish time? I think it’s the finish time so why did #7074 won instead of my hubby. I already sent inquiry to but haven’t receive any reply yet.


But still overall the race was well organized, Coach Rio and Vince did a very good job. They are really good with their job, they deserve an applaud. Congratulations to you and your team!

Next post will be photos from the TNF100 race. Keep running everyone and congratulations to all the participants and finishers especially to those who joined the 100K solo/relay race. Finish or DNF, still I salute you. πŸ™‚

A Special Day

Tomorrow we will be celebrating Mother’s Day. And it’s special for me because I dearly love my mother and I’m a mother myself. I had my gift early, this is what I first laid my eyes as I enter our bedroom:

tnf_abkz_newtaupe_08Yes,Β  my very first North Face bag from my loving husband, (mine comes in color black and brown can’t find my usb cable kaya hindi ko ma upload yung totoong pic). I love the color brown so I really love my new bag and I go gaga over sling/messenger bag. I typically use this kind of bag simply because it’s more comfortable. My husband is romantic in his own ways, he is also thoughtful even at times in a rude way, but one thing is for sure, I ‘am blessed with a wonderful husband, I hope and pray that we will grow old together until we both lost all out teeth. πŸ˜€

He also has these kind words from the card that he gave me that made tears flow from my eyes:

“For being a wonderful wife and best friend, and for being a good mother too!”

Happy mother’s day!

The North Face 100


“With the success of the inaugural TNF100 last year and pump-primed by the maiden leg of the TNF Thrill of the Trail, this year’s TNF100 Philippines will bring greater challenges to those who will dare to discover the extent of human endurance.

Set in the great plains of Luzon, trail runners will discover that varied terrain and unexpected descents and climbs still await them in Sacobia, now termed as β€œThe Next Frontier”.

Multiple river crossings, running in Lahar, canopied trails and more await those who will go the distance, endure the trail and test their limits!”

Another race from The North Face, and me and my esposo are already registered. Another 10K trail run for me, wooohooo!!! For more info visit or you can email them at See you all there.

Thrill of the Trail Recap

We left home around 3AM to travel to Nasugbu, Batangas. My esposo and I opted not to check-in in a hotel in Tagaytay because of money. The past few months have been full of expenditures, so we decided to be stingy for this event. I managed to get some sleep while my esposo is driving, I have to conserve whatever energy is left of me. I woke up when my esposo asked me if I wanted something to eat, we were entering the Drive Thru of Mcdo in Sta. Rosa, I guess french fries would do. I stay awake until we arrive Nasugbu. There were staff of the TNF preparing for the event, some were hanging the streamers, fixing the light and playing some music.

img_1643TNF Thrill of the Trail

img_16131Getting ready for the run

img_1623With Glenn Mundo

img_1620With my esposo (naputol si Glenn sorry)

Suddenly I felt that I had to go, my stomach is not cooperating with me! Argh!Β  So I had to go to comfort room to have a little private time and yes it was a success. πŸ™‚ It had been a relief for me thinking that it might make my performance bad.

The announcer said that the 10K runners would be the first to go and 10minutes after would be the 20K runners turn. At exactly 6AM, we the 10K runners were given the BANG! All set, it was still dark when we left off, there were a lot of things going through my mind. I was really anxious of this run, I was praying that God would keep me safe, and that I finish this race safely. SAFETY was the one thing on my mind that kept me compose. Sure I want to finish with a good time, but HEY! if I had to walk, I will walk. No one is stopping me. πŸ™‚ I’ve given myself this goal of 1hour 30minutes for me to finish this trail race, my own PR for a 10K run is 1hour 13minutes which was when I ran in the KOTR. If this is a trail my personal goal would be decent enough, I guess.

img_16291Sa sobrang bilis ko tumakbo, blurred ang kuha ko x)

img_16311Model ng power gel, hehehe

img_1632My esposo who finished in 1hour 54minutes for his 20K

My esposo, one of the 20K runners was able to catch up with me in the 3K+ mark, he sure is fast. Our training at the Mt. Sto. Tomas and at the Shotgun Trail really paid off. I didn’t had a hard time during the course, but of course there where time that I was about to trip but got back on my feet again and some grass twisted on my shoes and wind up pulling my foot.

The hardest part of the route…..

When we reach the RAVINE, all I can say to myself was OMG! It was a good thing that it was not muddy, but it was still slippery due to soil, the rope that the organizers put was a good help. But I was blessed by this guy ( he was wearing a black shorts and the TNF singlet, he has a curly hair) who helped me while going down the ravine, I didn’t got his name but he was a tremendous help. God bless him indeed. Then came the bridge… (wala lang, hehehe).

After the ravine was the uphill run, I was mostly walking during this course of run. I was enjoying the view of the place. When we got to the road, I was relieved, thinking that the it was almost over. I really pushed myself during this time, and when I looked at my stopwatch it was 1hour 19minutes past the starting time, I can still finish earlier than my goal time. When I saw the intersection on KM9+, I dashed to the finish line. The organizers where before the finish line to give us a high five, I can hear the crowd who finished earlier clapping at me :D. It was a nice feeling and after thaat all I can say was PRAISE GOD! Praise God that it was over, Praise God that I’m safe, Praise God for my good finish time of 1hour 26minutes. Woohoo! I’m really so glad.

My esposo finished his 20K with a very decent time of 1hour 54minutes, he was 15 overall the 20K runners. We didn’t finish the program for we had to go home early. So we really don’t know it my esposo had a prize or what. Well, we have to wait on that for now.

img_1635Mikey entering the finish line

img_1639After the race, medyo hilo ako dyan gawa ng yoghurt na kinain ko 😦

img_1648After the race, goofing around