In preparation for the TNF100

Hubby and I will be joining the 10K and 20K event at the TNF100 this coming Sunday and it has been a week-long training. May it be running or cross training I’ve exerted much effort for the said event. Earlier today, my esposo and me are on the road on our way to Timberland Heights to run on it’s trail. We left a little bit late so we were running under the scorching heat of the sun. I did 1 loop and 2 loops for my hubby. The loop was approximately 8K of mud and dirt, and there were a lot of uphill. The loop was combination of trail and road, but at least I get to tune in my feet with trail for today.

Tomorrow, we will be leaving early for Clark so that we recon the trail route early before we check-in at the hotel. I hope that it wouldn’t rain that much and may we have a good running weather on the event day.

To all those who are joining the 100K solo and relay, my prayers are with your, may the Lord keep you safe. May you finish it with a good time and of course injury-free. See you all this Sunday and let us enjoy the race. 🙂