Trail Love: Salomon Citytrail Manila

After long hiatus of not joining races, last Sunday, September 7, I got to run at the first Salomon Citytrail Manila held inside the famous walled city, Intramuros.


This is my comeback race after a long hibernation. And I stopped running because of health reason. But with prayers and a God-given doctor, I ‘am well now. (Will try to post about this soon)

What can I say about the race? It’s a breath of fresh air. I love the race route, memories came flashing back to me when I was still in college during the first time I visited Intramuros. With just hundreds of runners who joined, participants get to enjoyed what Intramuros has to offer. Some run leisurely and took pictures while doing so. And competitive runners paved the stairs and uphill flat and finished strong. The race is a green race, and happened during sun down.

One other thing I enjoyed is running with my Salomon Citytrail shoes. With its cushion I was able to run smoothly on the cobblestone road of Intramuros.


Ladies of TSP 24/7  (Me, Chlaire, Mascy and Shierly)


Photo op with one of the marshal (hubby) with Joni Lopez

This is a race to remember and a race that needs to be done yearly. Kudos to Salomon’s Brand Manager, Jannice Tanada, Race Director TJ Isla, and the rest of Team Suunto Philippines who were present as marshal for the race. Congratulations to all of you and to all the participants.



Special thanks to Ms. Joni Lopez, Ms. Mascy Pineda for the pictures

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